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NHS Vs Nursing Homes

November 3, 2021

NHS vs Nursing Homes, the answer to the question depends on what you want to achieve or prove in your life or nursing career. People have differences of opinion. Below are the pros and cons for each:

NHS  Pros 

  • You get varied opportunities to learn and progress in your nursing career
  • You can learn more advanced skills
  • You can see the wide variety of complex nursing care needs and the constant changing of patients

NHS Cons 

  • Starting salary is less compared to care homes or private hospitals
  • At times work areas can be too demanding and stressful, the pace of working is very fast and quality-driven.

Nursing Home Pros 

  • Good level of starting salary
  • Work is more relaxed as you look after more or less the same residents/patients
  • You can have an organised routine
  • You can get the opportunity to progress as a team leader and manager

Nursing Home Cons

  • Work can be monotonous as you mostly see the same residents or patients every day


Wherever you may choose the decision is completely up to you. Our staff are here to help you on your journey so to find out more contact us!

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