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How to become a nurse in the UK

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (click on the link to view) has produced a guide to
explain what you need to do work as a nurse in the United Kingdom

A qualified nurse trained overseas wishes to work in the UK IELTS/OET PASS Starts NMC Registration process: will need to provide Health & Character Evidence CBT PASS Accepts job offer Pre-employment checks completed by UK employer Applies for visa, Work Permit Fly to UK Starts work as Associate nurse & Attends OSCE training Sits OSCE at UK Test Center Complete NMC registration process (Must Confirm professional indemnity cover in place) & pay NMC fee Retakes OSCE Exam, after 3 Attempts restart Process PASS FAIL Recieves decision letter from NMC Now registered with NMC & qualified as a nurse in the UK